Brisbane Excelsior Band accept invitation to the 2006 All England Masters International.

The official press release from the Event Organisers reads:

Following the initial invitations to compete in the 2006 event sent out to the eighteen bands who took part in the 2005 All England Masters International, an invitation was despatched to the 2005 Champion Band of Australia, Brisbane Excelsior.

The organisers of the All England International are delighted to announce that Brisbane have now confirmed that they will be competing in Cambridge on 28th May, when the test-piece is Paganini Variations.

Commenting on Brisbane’s confirmation to compete at the 2006 All England Masters International, Band President Rick Casagrande said “The Brisbane Excelsior Band is honoured and extremely excited to have been invited to compete in this prestigious event. The opportunity to compete is certainly a highlight amongst what has already been a very successful 3 years, under the Musical Direction of Howard Taylor. We will do our utmost to ensure that Australia is represented at the highest level.”

This news is a major boost for the organisers and one that will make the event even more International.

Philip Biggs