15492207_1349741751745079_4821020594551602629_nIt’s that time of year again – Christmas decorations, Christmas Carols, and of course, the annual Brisbane XLCR Inc. Band Awards Social event.

After our first BBQ last year, the band decided to hold another at Colleges Crossing, Ipswich for members of both Brisbane XLCR and Windsor Bands. Lots of food and drink were consumed and the band says a huge thanks to everyone who helped, but especially Michael Martin, Ross Moloney and Gareth Lawless for their contributions to the day. With the huge numbers of band children we were even blessed to have a visit by Santa Claus himself, who brought fantastic toys for all the children of the organization.


For Windsor, the award winners were:

  • Bandsperson of the year: Sharon Denlay
  • Section of the year: Euphoniums and Baritones
  • Players’ Player: Tamaryn Heck
  • Most Improved Player: Jessica Klaverstyn

For XLCR, the award winners were:

  • Bandsperson of the year: Gareth Lawless
  • Section of the year: Percussion
  • Players’ Player: Ross Moloney
  • Most Improved Player: Kelvin Oldham