September 2006

  • The Hoy Family – Brent and Helen, Cameron and Georgia decide to end their time in Australia and return to Christchurch, NZ at the end of the year.
  • XLCR increases rehearsals in preparation for the Melbourne International Festival of Brass at the end of this month. The Concerto’s for the guest soloists prove to be quite difficult given the limited rehearsal time.

August 2006

  • The XLCR association welcomes new members Michael Martin, Ben Crocker, Chris Baldwin and Ian Martin.

July 2006

  • Click here to read the 2006 President’s report as presented by XLCR President, Allan Lonergan, at last months Annual General Meeting

March 2006

  • Riki McDonnell and Kev McMorran join us on the weekend of 10, 11 & 12 March for the annual pre-nationals band ‘camp’.
  • Richard Madden to take Windsor Brass to this years Nationals in Brisbane over the Easter weekend.

February 2006