July 2008

Congrats to everyone.

Just listened to Harmony Music again & you nailed it!!!

So proud of you all.

From the Brisbane Jock.

Steve Stewart.

P.S. Jaime played a blinder on Sop!!! Was so proud of her.

Congrats on the NZ victory.

It’s amazing how far Australian bands have come since I was involved in the late 70’s – early 80’s.

But please do get some sensible (peaked) hats for marching.

James McGregor

This is getting to be a habit!……………but one that I like!!
Congrats again to all of you ………6 Nationals Titles in a row …….WOW !!!
Love to all of you and especially Howard.
Pat Taylor
Plymouth Devon

Please pass our heartiest congratulations onto HT and the guys and gals of Excelsior – NZ Champions twice running now and this time by a considerable points margin – well done everybody.  We watched the Own Choice live on www.themusicpage.com and were on the edge of our seats.  Special mention must be made of the excellent work by all of the Band’s soloists.

Once again, congrats to all, see you soon, regards.

Alan and Helen Lashmar

Congrats AGAIN!

John McGough

March 2008

Many Congratulations!

What a result……….kept us guessing right up until the end !

FOUR times a WINNER..what a BAND……………

Love to you all and especially Howard.

Pat Taylor, Plymouth, Devon, UK


Just a short note to offer my congratulations for your band’s result on the weekend.

I heard many bands on the weekend, unfortunately not yours, but I have no doubt that your win was very well deserved.

I thought you may be amused to learn that our recording facility has ‘crashed’ and that as a result, even if you had used our facility prior to Easter, you wouldn’t have been able to record anything anyway.
Once again, congratulations and all the best for the remainder of 2008.

Peter Taylor
Australian Army Band, Brisbane

To Howard and Brisbane Excelsior

Warmest congratulations on an historical fourth victory and well deserved win.

It is an honour to have a band of this calibre in our midst.

I wish you every success in the future.

Helen Hall
Brisbane Metropolitan Bands Inc

November 2007

Thank you all so very much to every band person who yesterday helped us celebrate the wonderful life of Colin Topp.  All of us in the family were humbled and proud that so many of you played Col his last concert.  It is true that he had two families (his own and the band fraternity) and we are sure that Col was listening and would have been especially proud of the wonderful job Ashley Gittens did on that beautiful Eupho solo.

Once again our sincere thanks to you all,

Dulcie, Robyn, Lyn and families

October 2007


Enjoyed browsing your site.

I would be grateful if you could please add my late father’s name LEN (LEONARD) RADFORD to your life membership list. I imagine you will have some archived records if you need to check however it’s probably easier to ask Col Topp, Jeff Herbert or Helen Lashmar to verify.

Please pass on my very best wishes to Colin, Helen, Jeff, Ricky C, Trevor and anyone else that remembers me.

Kind regards
Deb Harrop (nee Radford)

August 2007

Stars of Brass – all 33 or so of you – what a night to remember forever. If i wanted to make a bad comment I couldn’t. For me it was perfect.

Mark Reay NSW Fire Brigades Band

July 2007

Heartiest congratulations to Brisbane Excelsior on the win in New Zealand and other fine achievements in recent years!

I found it interesting that there are similarities and historical connections between Excelsior and the Cairns Citizens who won the big one in NZ in 1936. Jimmy Compton (Excelsior late 40’s early 50’s) it was who built up the Cairns Citizens to a status equal to that of Excelsior today. Incidently, Capt. Compton always said he learned more from Albert Wade (early Excelsior) than anyone else he had ever been associated with. As a student of Alec.Owen thats a surprising statement to say the least.

Norm. Henstridge (Excelsior in the 60’s I think) drove into Cairns in a horse and cart at the height of the dirty 30’s. No one ever told me if he drove all the way from Brisbane but there certainly weren’t any first class flights in those days so it could be so. He was with the band throughout the 30’s and is remembered as a noteworthy soprano cornet player. He also did a few arrangements of Maori tunes while the band was in NZ.

I saw in the list of life members the name Eric Warden. Is it possible this is the same Eric Warden who played solo cornet in the Cairns Citizens?

Finally, to get to the coincidence, like Excelsior, Cairns Citizens won neither of the test pieces but came out well on top in agregate points.

So,once again,congratulations and I hope you remain on top for a long time to come.

Yours Sincerely, John (Gus) Fahey.

Our hearty congratulations to Howard and all at Brisbane Excelsior for winning the New Zealand Championship!


Mark Ford
on behalf of Kew Band Melbourne.

May 2007

To The Band:

Heard your Band on the POD today.

Bosanko’s “His Provision” was just what I needed to hear today! It was one of those “tough days”.

“Holy Spirit, Precious Promise Fall On Me,
Holy Spirit, Make Me All I ought To Be.
Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit.
Give Your Power To Me, O Holy Spirit.”

That’s my prayer each morning. Some days I’m not all I ought to be. Thank God for His Provision that understands my frail being and who loves me in spite of myself and loves me as I am.

Also, on this POD, “Annie Laurie” so wonderfully played by the Euphonium soloist. In the Army the words we sing to this tune are, in part,

The Christ Of Calvary
The Dearest Name To Me
Is The Matchless Name Of Jesus
The Christ Of Calvary

The music presented by your band this evening blessed me.

Thank you.

Major Mike McDonald
Secretary For Music
Jackson, Mississippi USA
April 2007

Just checked results before going off to CYBB concert withElgar Howarth. Congratulations on winning title and best conductor.

Leonard Adams
Managing Director
Trevada Music

Done it again. Of course we knew you would. Congratulations to all the band.

Moira & Terry Nielsen

Well done to Brisbane Excelsior. As I have had an Easter break out the back of beyond, no news got to me the very first site I hit this morning was 4barsrest DU. What a great achievement – you must be very proud of your band.

Please pass on congrats to your band from myself and the exec of BBANZ.

Kind regards
Dianne Smeehuyzen
President – Brass Bands Association of New Zealand

To Howard Taylor and the members of Brisbane Excelsior Band.

We are very proud of you all. The hard work over the past few years is highly commendable.


Ken & Janice Bamford

Serious congratulations on your well deserved win on the weekend.

I wish you every success in New Zealand.

Helen Hall
Brisbane Metropolitan Bands Committee

Absolutely great news on your win at the nationals in melbourne,your dedicated band is really setting the pace for all aussie bands well done and best wishes for the future.

Graham Wharton
Thuringowa Brass

Just wanted to say a quick ‘hello’ and thank the band for the wonderful contest! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute (even the street march – although BIG sorry to Rick for my feet being too close together in the inspection!).

I’ve followed, with interest, the ‘discussion’ going on in both 4br and spitvalve…. I can only say that I am proud to have to have been a part of Brisbane Excelsior’s success at the weeknd, and at no stage did I ever feel that the band had done ANYTHING that was outside the rules. It is just a shame that those of small and closed minds feel the need to show the limits of their humanity in such a way! I sincerely hope that the band in no way feels that this small issue hasn’t detracted from the fantastic musicianship (and results) achieved on the weekend. I would love to play with the band in the future (if circumstances permit!), and am looking forward to catching up with you all in Auckland – although you’re probably going to whip our butts!

Once again, thankyou for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful band,

Colin Clark

btw – I had a wicked hangover for my plane ride home….. but it was worth it!

Many congratulations on a great result……………..a HAT-TRICK…..how wonderful…….
but of course I am bias!!!!!………………….love to you all and especially Howard.

Pat Taylor
Plymouth Devon England

Please pass on mine and Waitakere Band’s congratulations to Howard and the band for a great treble. I heard the own choice and the band sounded awesome. It’s so good to see Aussie banding producing this level and quality of music.

…. and nice to see Steve Ridler still enjoying his playing.

Steven Booth
Musical Director
The Trusts Waitakere Brass

To Howard and the Band

I want to pass on my congratulations for two days of thoroughly entertaining music at the recent Australian Nationals.

I do not as a rule behave in such a flamboyant manner; however the band’s performances compelled me to express my sentiments by standing at the end of each of the major works. Truly remarkable playing well directed and well prepared.

The Band has lifted the standard now expected of an Australian A grade band and set the benchmark for future contests. It is now up to the rest of the field to play “catch up “and no longer will NZ have the upper hand

Your performances did much to ease the pain and disappointment that I felt with the very ordinary showing by my own band

Regarding the “sour grapes” and unfounded accusations of cheating, very few Victorians share those views and I personally find them offensive and contrary to what I always believed banding was all about which is, healthy rivalry, pursuit of musical excellence, sharing ideas and helping each other and above all camaraderie.

I look forward to hearing the band again in NZ in July and I am heartened by the knowledge that my ex NZ Band will be more competitive and will not be the source of embarrassment as was my ex Melbourne Band

Good luck and thanks again for some thrilling moments

Eugene Puohotaua ( Po )
Ex Hawthorn/ Ex Woolston

To Howard & all at Xlcr

Many congratulations to you all on your superb hat trick from all of us at Cawston Band!

Ian Clarke
Cawston Band

Well done Howard.

John Mann

Good on ‘ya Excelsior Band.
Hope you’ve been having a great time down there.
The web site’s excellent and it’s good to see the movie clips too! We wish you all a Happy Easter.

Liz and Trevor Soole
December 2006

In case you visit the site again Gareth, “G’day” from me. I was playing horn when I joined the band under your direction (I recall having to call several times over a few months because XLCR was ‘FULL”- no vacancy! ) Still with us from that time are Rick Cassagrandi, Trevor Stanley, Lindon Weise, Emily Lashmar, Bernard and Sharon Denlay (nee Fry), Arnold Young, Col Topp, Lloyd Robins, Adrian Dadds…. and I think that’s about it. (Tony Lashmar is at Feds and a few are playing interstate or O/seas)
It would be good to see you, please do drop by and see us.
I am holding some of your music (the Mozart(s) and other Concerti) and Recordings (Tuckwell, Brain et al) and there is some more of it being held by vaious people at the Con etc.
Are you playing? What are you doing in life?

Ashley Gittins
November 2006

Dear ‘whoever’

Possibly you remember my name as someone who had a little to do with Brisbane Excelsior Band in the past . As a result of that association I formed friendships that I value and cherish to this day . Whilst we are half a world apart you are never far from my thoughts . Just within the the last week or so I looked on the Internet to see if you had some sort of a website perchance and was amazed at what I found .
You have achieved the honours I always secretly hoped to achieve with you . Good on you all . Long may this standard flourish and prosper .

The people I would particularly like to be remembered to and reestablish contact with are — Pam Schryver , Colin and Dulcie Topp and indeed anyone else that I knew and wish to contact me . My one big regret in life was leaving Brisbane when I did .

I do intend to come back to Oz at the very least for a visit in the forseeable future . I am after all a citizen and my daughters are still in Oz . So one rehearsal night you may well have “a bearded stranger in your midst” !
Kindest regards to you all ,

Gareth Freebury

September 2006

Hi there

Just wondering when your next cd will be out – looking forward to its release. Your last 2 cd’s are great – keep up the good work.

Graham Wharton
Thuringowa Brass

XLCR reply: No plans yet, Graham but we’re working on it!
August 2006

I just want to congratulate the band on your successes here in Australia and in the UK.  The band sounded terrific on the net (Listen to the Band) and Paula’s sound playing Zelda made my day complete………. simply beautiful.

You are the top’s in Australia and I wish the band every success for the future and I hope to get along to hear you at next years Nationals.

Peter Greenwood (Geelong Vic)
July 2006

Subject: UK BBC Listen to the Band
Super show – cogratulations!

Some excellent playing throughout, but I was particularly struck by the beautiful rendition of “The Pilgrim’s Prayer”; has the band recorded it?

Keep up the excellent work ‘down under’!

Regards, and thanks for the pleasure you give.

Malcolm Watson
June 2006

Hi Everyone,
Hope you enjoyed your visit to the UK, we certainly enjoyed having you.
It was great seeing you at Cambridge and hope you can return one day.
Thanks and best wishes to the band.
John Maines

Now the dust has settled and you have returned home from your tour to the UK. You may not have won the prize you sought but you left behind many new friends. The pleasure you gave at the Assembly Rooms in Norwich will live in the memories of those present and in particular those of Cawston Band. At last we have found a Band that can Party like us! Good Luck for the rest of 2006.
A Norfolk Friend
David Clarke Compere Cawston.
May 2006

This is just a quick note to wish you and the XCLR team ‘all the best’ for your forthcoming tour to the UK. ‘All the best’ meaning luck, music, success, performances, fun, goodwill, and ambassadorship. This is a great thing that you are about to do – for yourself, Aussie banding, and for each member of the team. It will be a life-changing experience, long remembered by those involved, and also by band tragics like me!

All those who love the band movement will be watching with great anticipation and pride. I expect that you will play well, but I hope you will play magnificently!

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement thus far. I look forward to following the tour every step of the way.

Best regards,

Dr Kevin Cameron
Director of Music
Pembroke School

G’day cobbers, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ClappingWell done for the fantastic win in Brisbane at the weekend. (And thanks for kicking Dalewools ass, only kidding). Was it a good weekend? (Obviously).  Be seeing you soon.. Cheers Alex

NIce one Howard, Helen, Brent and all at XLCR.
Dave J

hi guys i have just recieved and worn out your two cd’s, [ aussies in song and the champions ] well done they are fantastic. best of luck at the all england masters
regards graham Wharton
thuringowa brass

I was in the hall and had the pleasure of listening to Excelsior’s own choice which I enjoyed very much. A great overall result for the band and of course yourself. Please pass on my congratulations.

Larry Southern

Well done guys I was very very pleased that you got two in a row congratulations.I really enjoyed the way you all played.

The hymn really ment a lot to me it is one of my favourites.Also well done WINDSOR BRASS 5th at your first nationals well done guys. Also all the best on your trip overseas I’m sure you will all do well. Once again CONGRATULATIONS.

Bradley James

Congratulations on outstanding win in 2006 Championships – well done!

Glenn Atkinson
April 2006

Hi everyone

Congratalations on your win!!! You are the best (but we knew that anyway.) Well done and best of luck in the UK!

Janet & Terry Million

Can’t believe that Howard Taylor was once in my Junior Salvation Army band…!! He has come a long way.Excellent site.

Ken Tucker
Thetford UK

Congratulations for a job well done.
Regards and best wishes for England

Judy Lonergan

Can I just say that I played with and under Howard Taylor while he was at the Bodmin Town band and after surfing the net I came across your website and clicked on some of your concert clips. WOW!

Brought back many a happy memory with Howard in front especiall the lord of the dance as he also does a mean interpretation of Riverdance. We had many a good year in Bodmin together and had some MAGICAL performances under him including Paganini and Variations on a Bass Theme.

I hope that he has as much success with you guys as he did with us and please look after him as when he is done in Oz then he can come back to Cornwall and help rebuild the Bodmin Town Band to be a force like it used to be.

Kind Regards
Jonathan Tregidga (GIDGE)

My hearties congratulations to you and the band on this magnificent win. I listened to the test on Friday and was most impressed with the musicianship of both hymn and test. The sound was warm and the technique secure without going over the top. Well done!! Please pass on to the band my most warm regards and congratulations. I wish you well for the UK Tour.Sincerely,

Barrie Gott

Just got the results – great news! Don’t celebrate too hard.

Andrew Jay

Many congratulations!!!! on your second successive Clean Sweep at the 2006 Aus. Championships. You and your very accomplished band must be thrilled at your decisive win. Please pass my best wishes to them. It is now very obvious that your band can be given the accolade of the “Champions of the Southern Hemisphere!”. I am looking forward to your visit to the UK given your current form and your ability to produce a superb performance of Pag Var. Best Wishes for an enjoyable tour!!

Regards Brian Buckley

Congratulations on another great win! Sets up the tour nicely I would think!

Allan Jenkins, BBW

Congratulations on your decisive win at the Nationals. Please pass on my congrats to the band members. I will probably see you all in Cambridge. It will be nice to see a few Aussies and adopted Aussies again.

Edward Kennedy

Congratulations on your win at the Nationals. Once again some very fine playing from your great band at Excelsior. I really enjoyed Music of the Spheres. All the best for your trip to the UK.

Robert Turner
Brass Down Under

Konnichi wa Brisbane Excelsior!
CONGRATULATIONS on your win again!!!:) Omedetou gozaimasu! Knew you’d do it. Best of luck in the UK next month.
Watching on the web,

Cherie Elliott

Please pass on our congratulations to Howard and all in XLCR on another fantastic Nationals win.   Very well done!
Best wishes for your trip overseas too.

Mark Nuss


G’day Amanda and all you dead set LEGENDS!


I am so proud that all you skill, hard work and dedication has paid off once again!! I don’t know if there are many people, apart from your families and other crazy Brass bandies, that appreciate what you have sacrificed, your immense talent and what you have achieved.

I am really lost for words, and may I steal the phrase made infamous by Jeff Fenech “I LOVE EWS ALL!!”

Mark Ham

Please pass on my congratulations to Howard and the band. Great effort! Celebrations out of hand?

Brett Lucas
Hawthorn City Band
March 2006

Really enjoyed the photo show on your web site. Shame theres not a picture of Paula Russell with baked bean juice down the front of her!!!!that would have made it complete.

The Brookies, England
February 2006

Congratulations to Paula Russell for winning the Ern Keller 2006! When I heard Paula play “The Debutante” in the cornet solo last year (2005) during the Qld Championships I knew we had a world class player and winner in our midst……
I noticed a quiet still fall on the audience as Paula played her first few bars. This player took command of the piece, herself and the instrument and gave us a performance of outstanding quality. It left me with goosebumps. Unfortunately I wasn’t there at the Ern Keller las Sunday but I’m sure the audience would know exactly what I am talking about…..Fantastic, thank you.

Ros Shaw
January 2006

Hey Everyone!!! Just wanted to write in to say a big hello and I miss you to all at Windsor and XLCR!!! It’s great to be back in Cairns and I’m living my new job!! (well….I’ve only been there for a week, but I survived!!)

I’m back playing with Cairns Brass which is good (don’t worry Windsor people, I’ll still cheer for you!!) but I’m back on cornet 🙁 boo hoo..

Anyway just wanted to let you know how I am. I’m missing xlcr/windsor like crazy!!! Can’t wait to see you all at the nationals!!!

Let me know how you’re going and whats happening!?!?

Miss you all,

Good to see your invitation to the All England Masters International Brass Band Championships in Cambridge in May. All the best,

Philip Parr
November 2005

Just a quick message to pass on to my great friend Steve Ridler. Nice to see you are having more success with your band in oz. My name is Steve Corcoran. I am at work and was looking on Harrogate web ring and saw your website so thought I would look you lot up. Good luck in the future. Your band has one of the greatest brass players ever in Steve!

Hi Amanda

Isn’t it amazing what google finds…..Looks like you’ve had an amazing year. Congratulations to you all! I recongnise a few familiar names and faces….hi to Rick, Warren, Col T, Geoff and Bernie. (And does anyone have an email for Lloyd Robins?) I’ll say hi from Dad too – he and Mum retired to Canberra a couple of years ago, though he hasn’t retired from playing of course. He’s even linked up with another Terracini would you believe!@#! No doubt he’ll be in touch when I forward him the address for the site. Anyway, just a quick hello. I’ll drop in on the site and keep and eye on how you’re going – the trip to England sounds v exciting!

Cathy Cox

We enjoyed the concert on Sunday despite the rain. Unfortunately living out at Victoria Point we are not always aware of when & where you are performing. Hopefully now I have your website we can follow you more regularly.We have no doubt who will win at Easter. Thanks again for the wonderful entertainment provided by you and your Champion Band.

Stan & Sylvia Peters
October 2005

Thank you to Windsor Brass for their wonderful entertaining program at Nambour Contest Oct 05, I enjoyed it greatly and was very proud to be part of the winning band.

Dale Hosking knows how to bring the best out in a band, what a talented musician he is.  His calm encouraging manner, and positive pep talks at the right moment helped me to feel relaxed and confident on stage (well to be completely honest, not totally relaxed it’s not easy getting up there is it?)  but it sure helped.

The band is so cohesive, accepting and friendly.  Well what do you expect with magical personalities such as Kevin Reid as our band sargent?

And it’s just awsome playing under our resident conductor Howard Taylor who sets the standard, pace and doesn’t let you get away with anything.  I feel like I’m in a motivational seminar every time he conducts.  It’s also been great to have people like Paula Russell and Steve Riddler around to run through your solo’s with.

Alan Clarke did a great job as drum major and his passion shone through clearly.  Not an easy job trying to get a brass band to do marching practise!

Sunshine brass are very dedicated in running the contest and it takes a lot of hard work which is to be acknowledged.

The adjudicators were inspiring. It was the first time I’d met Maureen Cameron and I couldn’t beleive how friendly, personable and down to earth she was for such an international artist.   (I’ts good to see a women in there doing it, I like her accent too!).
Ros Shaw
Tenor Horn Windsor Brass

Hi Amanda, I hope you are well.
Thanks for the email I have sent my order to Trevor.
I look forward to catching up with you all at Cambridge next year.
I’m busy doing my teacher training course at present which finishes in May 2007.
Please pass on my best wishes to the band.
Brett Baker

Hola chicos and chicas,

Hope the band is well!
We have settled here very nicely. Stephen is busy travelling and I will be busy now with college 4 days a week and teaching 2 days a week too. Life in this part of Spain is really beautiful.It is worth a look for whoever would like to visit-sorry not the whole band at once after Englands comp next year!!!
Amanda-Jaffa has settled here remarkably well and has made new doggy friends on the beach which is one minute walk from where we live. Enclosed are a couple of photos.
Love to everyone in the Brisbane.
Jo and Steve Pell
July 2005

Hi Amanda

Just surfing the net and was googling for something and xlcr came up and I checked the site out. 

Looks great and brought back lots of memories of the time I was in the band under the direction of Paul Terracini and for a short time – Barrie Gott.

Say hi to everyone (or those that remember me) and I will always keep an eye on the bands progress.

Please pass on my congratulations to Howard and the band for your success at the Nationals this year.

Neill Thacker (cornet and soprano cornet)

Dear friends,

Great news about you coming to the Masters, you deserve it. I know you will have a great time here in the UK and if you play anything like you did at this years Nationals you’ll not go home empty handed. Will you be going to the Whit’ Marches? if so my band will give you a few tips on how to march ( only joking ).Looking forward to seeing you all next year, good luck with your fund raising and if we at Carlton Main Frickley can be of any help We’ll Be There.

Ray Sykes

Dear Howard and team

My sincerest congratulations on your invitation. I wish you all the very best in your lead up over the coming months.

Greg Aitken

Re: 2006 All England International Masters invitation

What awesome news – this is indeed an honour and the band is to be congratulated on the invitation. It certainly is exciting for all concerned. I am sure the band will be a highlight at the All England.


Robert A Bedwell
President – NBCA

Hey guys!!

Just read the 4BR release – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Wow, I am so……..well, there’s a few emotions bubbling. Pride, jealousy, amazement…..

I have no doubt that XLCR will be wonderful ambassadors at the Masters. Friendly, well behaved, inoffensive – and for your conductor, it’s probably just a quick dash home for him!!! You do realise he’ll fly through Customs faster than you could put away another glass of that port!!

Please give the band my best. Above all else, have a good time soaking up the experience!!!!!

Chris Allen
June 2005

Re: Maryborough 2005. What a great experience it was to play with my new band Windsor Brass in the competition. The band was really firing and I just loved the fantastic coaching we got leading up to it from Howard and Dale.  Thanks guys, and thanks to a wonderful, friendly and dedicated band.  (Esp our principal cornet Jeff Herbert!) Now to excelsior well they are world class and  It was great to see Bradley Beikoff playing again. Isn’t it amazing that you can still know people in the movement after over 30 years!  The solos on Monday were exciting.  The standard is just going up and up.  Paula Russell (cornet) just commanded the presence of all in the audience.  Also great to hear Steve Riddler (horn),  Amanda Casagrande (flugal),  Ashley Gittins (trombone),  Dale Hosking (soprano),  Julie on Eb bass, it was just all good. Wasn’t it great that they had a novice solo event this year, hopefully it will be a regular.  Congrads to Julia, Mark and Kelly for being brave enough to enter and play so well. Ros Shaw

Hi Howard and the Band!

Congratulations to you all for a successful weekend in Maryborough. I was thinking about everyone sitting on the beautiful sandy beaches of Sri Lanka, where I decided to go for the long weekend. It is only 1 hours flight from India. It’s a hard life isn’t it! While I was in Sri Lanka I became homesick. Not for Australia, but for India. I am sure that home sickness for Australia will have to settle in sometime soon. I am missing the band though.

I am having a great time working away but the time is going by so quickly. I have been gone nearly 3 weeks already and that only leaves 11 weeks to go.

I am looking at the website every other day to make sure that I am not missing out on any exciting events that are going on, as I want to stay in touch with things.

I will be back soon enough…

Best Wishes
April 2005

The members of Sunnybank Brass would like to pass on their congratulations for the wonderful achievement of Excelsior at the Adelaide Championships.  It must be very gratifying to see all of the hard work and effort  pay off.  Great to see a Queensland Band up on top as well!!
Annette Ries

My mother Shirley Richards (Nee Martin) marched for Excelsior Girls marching band in Zillmere in the 1950’s, I am currently trying to find some history of this and was wondering how and where I am likely to find something with this regard. Apparently a man by the name of Noel Wallace headed them at that time.

Would you know how to go about sourcing some information about that era?

I would appreciate your help.

Corine Richards

If anyone has information which may help Mrs Richards – please contact us

To our wonderful Excelsior Band (and of course The Windsor Brass)

Congratulations on your win! So well deserved! We have had the pleasure of hearing the bands. We would like to congratulate you all on your dedication and presentation..

Keep up the good work!

Nola & David Lloyd
134 Waverley Street
Bucasia Qld. 4750

Congratulations to you all on a splendid effort , special congrats to Bernard. Ken and Val Chadwick. Sunshine Coast Concert Band ( we were the = Caloundra Concert Band)
March 2005

Congratulations to you and Howard and the band. We are over the moon for you, Howard. I bet you worked hard for it, but it pays off. Talk soon on a phone when I phone the world! Take care.
PS He’s the best – now come home, Taylor.

All the best
Jayer and Jodie Jay
St Dennis Cornwall England

Congratulations to you all on a wonderful result in Adelaide. Now “National Champions” of Australia; it must be a good feeling that you did your best and it paid off; I am “over the moon” and a very proud Mum of Howard!! England [no Plymouth] is resounding with his and the Bands success! “Great” for Howard; and “Great” for the Band………Take care of him for me,and best wishes to you all

Pat Taylor
Plymouth, Devon, England

Brisbane Excelsior are playing to an extrodinary level they sound like a top European Band. I heard them in their concert one week before they left for the Nationals in Adelaide March 05. It was awsome.   Thank you Excelsior for winning the National A Grade, to all the players who put in the hard yards, and to Howard Taylor for taking Australian Brass Banding to that level.
Ros Shaw

Congratulations to you all on your fantastic result, especially my old mate Steve Ridler (from my Brighouse days). See you in August for a drink or two!!
Mick Morris 2nd horn YBS

Well done from everyone at Hepworth persimmon homes band England and well done Skip brendan wheeler who is our solo euphonium player. Agreat day for you all,
David Tinker Hepworth persimmon homes band

Hi Amanda

I had a call from a lady by the name of Wendy Jones whose dad played with Excelsior in the first half of the 1900’s. There was a photo of the band in the Courier Mail weekend paper a couple of weeks ago, with an article about the band providing some archive material to the state library. The photo was taken in 1939 and Wendy believes it includes her Dad. She asked if there was any way the band could confirm this. The person she believes is her father was 2nd from the right in the second row from the top. (I didn’t get the paper so I’m not sure of what photo she is talking about). Her fathers name was William Abraham Wright.

Allen Clark

Hi everyone!

Just looked at the Hong Kong photos – it seems like you had a great time!
Although I’m not sure I could’ve handled the stresses and pressures that all those endless hours of marching would have created for me! Oh – who were all those near-naked ladies, may I ask??! Tsk tsk to the XLCR guys. And the XLCR girls – where were your naked men??!!?!

Great website too!

All the very best for the Nationals at Easter,

Katrina Marzella x x
February 2005 – Hong Kong Tour Comments

Dear Meg,

I am glad to receive your letter on today n pleased to hear all of you get home well. Once again it is my pleasure to meet your group n all of you did a good job on the new year parade. Hope to see anyone of you in the very near future. Good health for all of you.

Matthew from Hong Kong.

Dear Meg
I am rather embarrased as I feel that it should be me thanking you and the members of the Band for the invitation and accepting me to accompany Brisbane Excelsior during the Hong Kong trip. I had a very splendid time. Thank You………Once again Thank You very much for this great opportunity to meet a whole band and to spend a few days getting to enjoy their company and great musical skills. I had a ball! Please pass on my thanks to the Band members for this great experience.

Regards Athol

Athol Young
Special Events Manager
City Events Unit
Brisbane City Council

Dear Meg.,
have sent a letter to the Couire Mail:To The Editor.

As a long term resident of Hong Kong, a Queenslander by birth and theowner of the only Australian Bar in Hong Hong which had the pleasure ofentertaining the group, I would like to take this opportunity to thankthe Brisbane Excelsior Band for their excellent performance in Hong Kongduring the Chinese New year period. Their level of professionalism andtheir positiveinteraction with the general public makes us proud to come from theSunshine State and I would like to wish them luck in the up-comingnational championships and hope to see them back in Hong Kong 2006.

Stephen Anderson
Kangaroo Downunder Bar and Restaurant.
54 to 62 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Thank you very much for your kind words. It was indeed our great pleasure to have you and your wonderful group here participating at our parade. We are so glad that you have all enjoyed it. Your great compliments do give us strength to keep us going.

I shall be sending you a thank you letter and some souvenir programme booklets shortly followed by a video tape which has recorded highlights of all the performing groups and floats of the event for your kind retention. (the tape will probably be ready in 7-8 weeks time).
Do drop me a note when you plan for your next visit to HK again. Hope all goes well with your business back in Australia and best of luck in the Year of the Rooster.

Hi Meg
Thanks a million for the fantastic trip and wonderful company!
Yip, as honourary member I will always stick my hand up.
Good luck for the Nationals, we will exchange regular text updates for both Nationals.
Kind regards

p.s.: We need to keep the “card school” in place.

Hi Meg,I’ve just arrived back in my home town, Blenheim this morning and while it’s great to be home I’m missing you guys already! What a fabulous trip! Certainly something I will always remember and treasure. Thank youall so much for looking after us so well, and I ‘m not alone in looking forward to our next adventure – it will be keeping the other guys at home that will be the problem.Say hi from us and a big thank-you to Howard, Rick and my Bass Team Colleagues.Kind Regards,


Thanks heaps Meg, for your efforts, your excellent management skills andfor being good fun. It was a great experience and I feel priviliged to have been asked.

Jason Katsikaris

September 2004

“Just having a look at your website. Looks and ‘feels’ ver flash. If I can navigate around it it must be easy and I think that is essebtial for any website! Go you good things!”

Mark Ham
August 2004

“Good job on the website”.

Ros Shaw, Sunshine Brass