Brisbane XLCR gain new tuba signings.

The all conquering Brisbane XLCR Band has announced that it’s Tuba section continues to grow. It has recently signed two new well known pedigree players, Thomas Allely on EEb Bass from The Queensland Orchestra and fellow Kiwi giant Gareth Lawless on BBb Bass.

Both players will be joining Julie Woods, Dean Morley and Jared Proellocks to form a very formidable tuba section.

Rick Casagrande’s direct tie with the FABB contest sits in the wings for a while, until he again plans to rejoins the team for contesting next year.

Rick who is also XLCR’s President said, “Thanks must also go to Steve Whittington who at the last minute came back to assist the band in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Steve is busy most of the time with other performances and his heavy work commitments and can not be with us on a regular basis.”

Slabs of sound

Thomas, who was born in Wangaphutphut in New Zealand brings a wealth of experience to the team and is excited at the prospect of playing at the FABB contest. Thomas told 4BR: “I’m looking forward to putting down some massive slabs of sound.”


Meanwhile, Gareth, who has recently moved to Australia, has built up quite a pedigree over the last couple of years in the UK while playing for both Fairy’s and Fodens bands.

With XLCR’s new Kiwi contingent, the new FABB Contest may be the first contest to see the Haka performed prior to a performance!