(Transcribed and edited from 4barsrest.com – 2 November 2008)

Early last Sunday morning, the Brisbane City Temple Band turned up at Bracken Ridge at the home of Pam Schryver. They played to show support and their gratitude to Pam for injecting life back into their music.


Robyn Everitt of the City Temple stated that they were so pleased that they could give their thanks to Pam who has supported the Brisbane City Temple Band over the past years. Pam relished every note played and word sung as they performed outside her home.

Terminally ill

Pam Schryver, who has been an advocate for bands most of her life, is terminally ill with a rare form of skin cancer. Despite the news, Pam remains positive and is quietly pleased that her efforts for the banding movement have been so readily appreciated.

Pam’s history

Pam started her banding interest when she married her husband, Casey and travelled to Papua New Guinea. There, she formed the Lae Citizens Brass Band, one of the first mixed race bands in the southern hemisphere. Whilst at the band, she helped raise enough money to buy a full set of instruments, something that seemed impossible to do.

Home for Brisbane Excelsior

In the late 80’s Pam sought interest in Brisbane Excelsior Band, when her husband rejoined after many years. She became secretary, and started a number of campaigns that still have effects today. One of them was a request by her husband.

As Casey was walking out the door to work, he simply said, ‘Pam, you need to find a hall for the Band. They need a home’. Upon that, Pam sought interest in a Hall in Windsor. It was her challenge to get the deeds of grant in trust, which the title belonged to the St. Andrews Hospital to get returned to the crown in order for her to apply for the deeds for the band.

After two years the application was successful, the Windsor School of Arts became the new home to the Brisbane Excelsior Band. After several more successful years with the Brisbane Band, Pam turned her eye to the Brisbane City Council Music Programme.

Brisbane City Council Park Programme

Along with Howard Taylor, Pam saw that the music programme for Brisbane was stale and tired. Over the course of six years, Pam generated a renewed interest in this programme which was in danger of being withdrawn totally from the Council.

Her work has been tireless and demanding but highly successful and appreciation for this music programme has been recognized far and wide. The results included better music in the parks, a number of Lord Mayoral Gala concerts, and an incredibly successful ‘Masters in Class’ series.

Pam’s Prom Spectacular

On the 9 November, in the Brisbane City Hall, a concert will be given to honour Pam’s contribution to the music scene in Brisbane.

Certain members of the Brisbane City Council wanted to celebrate Pams work for the programme and contacted Pam’s daughter and suggested that a musical tribute in the form of a Lord Mayoral concert would be appropriate.

Artists and Guests

In association with the Brisbane City Council and the Cancer Council Queensland, all the artists have donated their time for free and Pam’s son in law, Russell Gray is travelling out from the UK to take part. Howard Taylor, Barrie Gott, and Greg Aitkin are conducting the concert, hosted by Jason Barry-Smith.

Other guests will be St.Pauls Choir, The Birralee Voices, The Queensland Highlanders, Maskara Flamenco, and Stephen Bond on Didgeridoo. The concert is free, with a gold coin donation going to the Cancer Council Queensland.

Pams Proms Spectacular
Sunday 9 November 2008
Brisbane City Hall
2pm Start
Free Entry with gold coin donation