Brisbane Excelsior Assocation
2008 Presentation Dinner
Friday 28 November
Carindale Hotel

Over 60 people attended this years Awards Night, with both bands strongly represented.

The Musical Director, Howard Taylor, spoke briefly on the musical success and direction of XLCR over the past 2 years. An excerpt from Howard’s address was:

…The next 12 months is not just about the music. In order to achieve this mammoth goal ahead of us – we need teamwork more than anything else.

I’d like to share something with you all from the coach Wayne Bennett.
“At first, people are focused, they all want to pay a price. All of a sudden, you climb the mountain. Some of the people on that journey aren’t as committed any more and they don’t have the focus they had before. It becomes more about ‘I’ than ‘us’ and ‘we’. All of us fight our own little battles after success.”

We cannot become complacent. Difficult as it is – we have to see next year as our first National Win. Go back and remember how it was. I for one am looking forward to perhaps our biggest challenge ever.

Michael Purtle, the conductor of Windsor Brass, also briefly addressed those in attendance, highlighting the strength in personnel and the progress made by the band throughout 2008.

President of the Association, Rick Casagrande, presented a thought provoking speech which included the following passage:

…It is also obvious to me that the organization needs to refresh itself from top to bottom.   Refreshing does not mean change of personnel but a change as to how we as successful musicians, administrators and conductors think about how we go about  things that will take our music making to the next level.

It is imperative that we use every tool at our disposal and every person we know to assist in bettering ourselves as individuals and as an ensemble.   It is said that a change is as good as a holiday and I challenge every person in this room to go out and meet a person somewhere and learn something new about his or her craft as a musician, conductor or administrator.   Open your minds, search out and find that next step in your musical life and share it with us in the band room…

The 2008 Awards

Life Membership – for distinguished service to the Brisbane Excelsior Association: Ashley Gittins

Presidents Award: Meg Fixter


Brisbane Excelsior
Best Bandsperson: Adrian Dadds


Most Improved: Cindy Shanahan


Best Section: Horns

Windsor Brass
Best Bandsperson: Rachael Bendallmichael_rachael

Most Improved: Rowan Yates

Best Section: Euphs/Baris


10 Year Service Recognition
Rachael Bendall
Stuart Bent
Amanda Casagrande
Frank Caulton
Allen Clark
Adrian Dadds
Sharon Denlay
Scott Fixter
Tony Lashmar
Steve Miller

XLCR 2007 Awards
Best Bandsperson: Julie Woods
Most Improved: Ross Moloney
Best section: Euphs/Baris