2005 was the most successful contesting year on record for the Brisbane Excelsior Band.

Under the musical direction of Howard Taylor, Brisbane Excelsior won the 2005 Australian National A Grade Championship as well as the 2005 Queensland A Grade Championship.

The title of this CD was selected to reflect Brisbane Excelsior’s incredible accomplishments in 2005, the year in which Brisbane Excelsior truly were The Champions.



The Champions
One of the band’s favourites and our winning stage march in 2005, featuring the stirring Easter song ‘Thine is the Glory’.

Sparkling Diamonds
Made famous again by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. The older listener may wish to fondly remember Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’

His Provision
Ivor Bosanko’s beautiful arrangement of the Salvation Army song “Holy Spirit” was the winning National hymn in 2005 and had a profound effect on the audience that day. The linking solos for cornet and euphonium show the composer’s complete understanding of the brass family.

The Muppet Show Theme
One of the band’s most crowd-pleasing contributions (you’ll have to visualise the actions and ‘theatre’) is included here to recognise the cultural heritage of Jim Henson and his furry friends and because we like it.

Annie Laurie
Arranged for the superb Derek Kane as “Precious Name” Ashley Gittins chose this as his solo contribution based on the words:

The Christ of Calvary, the Dearest Name to me
Is the matchless Name of Jesus, the Christ of Calvary.

Jurassic Park
Picture the Raptors and Brontosaurus’ in this great movie theme.  From the expansive opening theme to the triumphant conclusion, this tune is BIG.

Such Love
It’s nearly impossible to record a band CD without including some of the prolific output of the composers and arrangers of the Salvo’s. Now that they freely share their heritage of repertoire with non-army bands, we are pleased to bring you gems such as this.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Former Brighouse great Steve Ridler shows us his flawless technique in this fascinating arrangement of the childrens’ favourite, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little star’.

MacArthur Park
We’ll let you in a little band secret here. Initially, we thought Howard had gone strange with this selection. Half the band had never heard of it and the other half couldn’t see what all the fuss was about – ‘It’s just a cake’ was heard frequently during rehearsals. Now however, we recognise it as the classic tune that stayed on top of the pop charts for years!

Share My Yoke
Paula Russell demonstrates why her warm ‘English’ sound is so sought after in her rendition of this song by early 1960’s Salvo group the ‘Joy Strings’ which has since become a cornet standard.  The lyrics certainly fit this stunningly expressive arrangement by Ivor Bosanko.

Share my yoke and find that I am joined with you.
Your slightest movement I shall feel and be there too!
Share my yoke and come the way that I must go!
In our “togetherness” my peace you’ll know;
The world beholding us will see it so!

Japanese Slumber Song
Colour abounds in this banding classic. Solo lines are interwoven amongst the bands’ rich full accompaniments, creating images of Japanese culture. The percussion section adds a little Asian flair to the mix.

We share the versatility of modern bands with our second ‘big band’ number. Percussion galore set up the Latin feel and the solo break features Amanda Casagrande on Flugel.

Pokarekare Ana
Stuart Bent our long time principal trombonist plays at his soulful best as he brings the words of the Maori Farewell to life:

I know, I know
You had to go.
Please hurry back home
I miss you so

Paganini Variations
On stage at Easter 2005, something incredible happened. A rare moment where the personnel and preparation all ‘click’ for a magic performance and we feel that this, our studio evidence of the journey towards ‘that’ rendition is even better! What a marvellous part of the band repertoire this work is- a modern day masterpiece for band.


Our second march brings quite a contrasting experience. With its Circus March style and trombone-slide-flashing bass solo, we hope you enjoy this as much as we do playing it. A tribute to the great American march masters.

The Champions, Willcocks

His Provision, Bosanko

Jurassic Park, arr Catherall

MacArthur Park, arr Catherall

Share My Yoke, arr Bosanko, Soloist: Paula Russell

Valero, arr Smith

Paganini Variations, Wilby